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Premium Features
No advertisements
Larger private message box
Custom user title
Gold username
Larger avatar & profile file size
Support WoWInterface
MMOUI Features Unregistered Registered Premium
Read UI forums & comments X X X
View & download Mods X X X
Post on forums, leave comments & upload Mods X X
Favorites list & download tracking X X
Development tools X X
Custom username title & gold username X
Increased avatar & profile file size (250k vs 65k) X
Larger private message box (5,000 vs 500) X
No advertisements X
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Premium Subscription?
A Premium Subscription is a paid option to enjoy more extensive access to the site without advertisements.
What if I already have a ZAM Premium account?
Make sure your email address on this site matches the one in your ZAM account. Our login system matches your account by the email address. The next time you login you'll have premium!
Are the premium benefits the same on all ZAM Network sites?
All sites will disable ads however each site has different features for their premium members. You can find feature lists for all of the sites here.
Why do I have to visit ZAM to get a premium account here?
We are part of the ZAM network and they take care of all the billing for our premium membership.
I want to buy premium for longer than one year.
Send a request to [email protected] and we will try to work with you.
I want to buy a life time Premium Subscription.
We do not offer a life time subscription at this time.