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Lightbulb Some requests\thoughts

  • Races actually make a difference
    I play an Elf, and always thought it'd be cool if say, Dwarves attacked me, but Elves helped me, instead of random friendlies. Or they have a special ability. Dwarves get more ore, Undead heal more quickly, that sort of thing.

  • Tutorial of some kind
    Now I've played the game a while so I don't need it, but, I still learn new things each day that really I should have known earlier. I've never seen snow, desert or oceans yet I'm nearly level 20, I only knew they were there due to wiki searches. It's odd how much I never knew. The NPC's telling you things is good, but, something more official might be needed.

  • More uses for ores
    I find my inventory filling with ores, unable to use them for much useful, and unless I just sell them, I waste my time gathering rarer things with iron and gold. Maybe a smith who can upgrade, 10 iron is a silver, 10 silver is a gold and so on, or something like that, just a use for all the metal cubes!

  • Higher Stacks
    Let things stack higher than 50. End of. Be it 99, 999 or whatever, make stacks higher for materials.

  • Pet Abilities
    My pets go unused since I got my spitter, and even his healing seems unexplained and random. It'd be great to have a skill screen as pets level up, so I can at least see what skills they have and how they work stats wise, if not being able to improve their a
    bilities and level them up how I like. It'd encourage me to use my pets more, if things could be made to have their own skills.

  • Companions of some kind
    The idea would be nice, killing a boss with a group, someone from the group would join you, or, if you get them an amount of money, or a certain item, like pets, they'll join you and follow you. I just love the idea of having more than just ONE available pet out, to fight. Or even, just allow a trainer skill that ups pets speed or something but every fifth level you can add a new pet out. MORE THINGS TO FIGHT WITH ME!

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