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Modifications that Improve Game Play-ability?

I played Cube World about a year ago on my boyfriend's account, he had grown bored of playing it because of lack of updates and I hadn't even heard of it until he gave me his account information to login and play.

I soon became addicted and then realized that there weren't going to be any new updates... So here I am a year later sitting on my hands, I have a strong desire to play again but I hate the feeling of disappointment knowing... this is all there is because the developers from what I can gather have totally abandoned the project all together.

My real question is, has anyone come up with any modifications that add those extra quests, skill trees, improvements or whatever to the game that the developers have neglected and left to rot on their website as "Coming soon" or "In the Next Update" I'm tired of it never coming. I quit playing for a year and came back with the hopes that there would be another update. I had virtually forgotten about the game all together until my boyfriend brought it up a couple of weeks ago and I scoured the internet for some kind of update but haven't found anything.

Has anyone come up with a mod that improves the game play? Picked up where the developers left off? Is there anything?
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Cube World wasn't left to rot!

Just because Cube world hasn't had any updates it doesn't mean that they're not working on it! Yes production rate is slow but that doesn't mean that they have totally abandoned it! Remember its a two man team so of course they don't have that many workers and I can imagine they have their own life to think of, just for the record they have been uploading pictures and messages about cube world on Facebook and twitter, they have even posted a whole bunch of new stuff and even a video clip that showed quests and new buildings and mobs in action! So don't tell me you non-believer that Cube world is well and truly dead. Even if Woally would stop making new content It wouldn't be above him to give the fans more control in editing the games so we could be making the new features not him.
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