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Arrow How to create a Mod with Cube World Launcher PLUS

Hi! Starting with BETA 2 ( Cube World Launcher PLUS supports Mods.
This means you can import modded files or create your own mod package.

Step 1: Extract all .db files

Click on "Mods" in the menu on top to open the Mods Wizard. The right side has all buttons for Mod developers. Beginn with the first button labelled "Extract all .db Files".

If you like you can switch to "Advanced Mode" where you can extract all .db files separately.

Step 2: Modify files
Now modify all desired files. To create custom models (.cub files) you need to download another tool like CWME - Cube World Model Editor.
data1 contains all .cub files (Models)
data2 contains all .wav files (Sound Effects)
data3 contains all .png files (Interface)
data4 contains all .xml files (Languages)

Step 3: Create your mod package
After editing all desired files it is time to create your mod package to share it with others.
Click on the "Create .zip File" button. This will bring up a new window:
  1. Select your "Output File" and click on the "Browse" button.
  2. Enter an optional text to include a ReadMe.txt file in your package.
  3. Click on the "Add new Files" button. You can select multiple files in a folder. If your mod contains several different filetypes just click the button again to add other files.
  4. After all your modified files have been added click on "Finish".

Step 4: Share your creations
You did it! Now it's time to share your .zip file with your friends or upload it to a mod database. I added a button to upload your mod to CWMods.com, just click on "Upload your Mod".
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