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How do I upload the custom interface I made?

Here are the most common steps to take when sending us your custom interface:

  1. You will need to zip (not ace, exe or anything else.) your custom interface files.
  2. Only include the files that were modified. Interfaces that include all the default files will not be approved.
  3. Include a readme.txt files with instructions on how to install your interface.
  4. Log into WoW and take a picture of your interface. Then convert the picture to JPG or GIF format.
  5. Once on our webpage click on the “downloads” button then select the category that best fits your interface and click the upload icon. If you made an entire interface using 90% of your own work upload it to the Suites or Total Conversions category (as appropriate). If you modified another author’s work upload it to the Mix and Match category and include credits in the description.
  6. Attach the zipfile and the gif/jpg *do not use punctuation in the file names*
  7. Fill in a good description of your interface. Maybe even include a link to the thread where you’re providing some support.
  8. Click the submit button and wait until it’s approved. You can check the status of your interfaces and update them using the “List/Edit My interfaces” link in the login block located on the top right on the main page.
We also have a script on the site, WoWI Mod Uploader, that you may want to look at. It tries to speed up the process of updating your mods on WoWInterface and making life easier in general, which supports uploading from an svn repository on a remote server or from your own desktop.

Remember to start a new thread in the appropriate forum in the "Interface Downloads Discussion " section (and then link to the thread in the file description of your interface) so members can discuss your interface!

Your submission will be deleted ** if ** :
  1. file upload is incomplete.
  2. missing zip file or file isn't zipped.
  3. missing gif/jpg
  4. uploaded to the wrong category. (example: if your skin is made up of others work you need to use the Compliations category. The Suites category is for original work only)
  5. unknown exe's vbs's and other executable programs are included in the zip.
  6. Interface is larger then 6mb (should never be over 6mb) and you uploaded it in multiple parts.
  7. we just don't like the way it looks.
We may or may not contact you if we decline your submission. If you ask us why your submission was declined we will most likely not remember why since we get a number of submissions a day and have 4 different people working in this area. Just being honest.

Why can't I upload .exe files?
We are sorry, but we do not typically allow .exe files in uploads.

As we are sure you are aware, so many folks are not computer savvy enough to tell whether an .exe is safe or not and would immediately think "it's got an .exe, it'll have a virus/keylogger/etc" and delete it. So for the peace of mind of our users, we just make it a policy to not typically allow .exe files.

That being said, there are a few exceptions to this rule:

  1. Featured Artists have proven their reliability and are allowed to upload executables;

  2. If you are willing to release your source code to us, so that we may verify that it has nothing malicious in it, we may allow you to upload executables;

  3. We are more likely to allow #2 if it relates to Developer Tools or Data Mods. We may allow it for regular mods as well, but less likely as most regular mods don't typically need executables for anything other than an auto-installer for them, and we already provide detailed instructions for how to install a mod manually.
We do hope you can understand our reasoning behind not typically allowing them and will still upload a zip version of your mod.

How do I update my custom interface in your database?

If you already have an interface in our downloads database and wish to update the zipfile, jpg/gif or description you can click on the link named “List/Edit My Interfaces” on the main page of in the login block (after you have logged in) on the top right.

Once you click the link you will see a list of interfaces you have in our downloads database and the far right column will be “Author options” and a [ edit ] link for each interface you have.

When you click on the edit link you will be brought to a screen where you can update your files or the description. This works similar to the upload screen when you first submitted your files.

If you are updating the description, title, options or screenshots of your interface, it will update immediately.

If you choose to update your zip file your interface will be put back in the queue for a moderator/admin to approve again. This is done for security reasons as the file moderators check all files before they are approved. So after you update your files they will not be available to anyone until a moderator/admin approves them.

Why do my uploads keep getting denied/deleted?
The five most common errors are:

a) You included executables in it. We don't allow executables in regular mods or compilations on the site;

b) You have extra compressed folders within your main compressed folders. Everything needs to be in their own uncompressed folder within the main folder.

c) Having wowmatrix files in it. We don't allow anything having to do with wowmatrix on our site;

(The next two are specific to compilations)

d) You didn't give proper credit to the authors whose actual work you are using. You need to either list the mods used in your description or take a screenshot of your addon folder and include it with your other screenshots; or

e) You didn't scrub your WTF of your personal information. That's a good way to get your account stolen. Make sure that if you include the WTF, you change your personal information to generic terms;

Make sure none of those are a problem with your upload.