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How do I find my paypal donation secure id?

1. Log into PayPal

2. Under the My Account tab, select Profile

3. Under Selling Preferences, select My Saved Buttons

4. In the right-hand box, select Create New Buttons

5. Create your button using the template shown in the image, selecting Donations for the payment type (or such terminology as supplied in your country), putting a recognizable name for the "Organization name/service" and a reference id if you choose (you can have different ids for each addon).

6. Under "Merchant ID for purchase transactions", select Secure merchant account ID

7. Click Create Button

Once the button is created, you can get the secure button id in two ways:

1. From the button code shown after creation

2. From the "My Buttons" page

How do I find my pledgie id?

1. Go to Pledgie

2. Choose start your own

3. Sign up for an account

4. Fill out the Required Fields

5. Choose Create a new campaign. You may want a single one for all your addons, or one per addon. Make sure you set the end date far in the future.

6. Fill out the necessary information

7. Click on Launch Campaign

8. Open up your campaign, the ID can be found in the URL

Is there BBcode to use for PayPal & Pledgie?
Yes. Once you have set up your Paypal and/or Pledgie accounts, you can use:

[paypal]secureid[/paypal] and/or


Also, please note, whatever email address you use will show up on your donation page. If you don't want to provide a personal account, you may wish to set up another email address through gmail, yahoo or some such. example: [email protected]