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Rathalos Equipment
Version: 1.0.3
by: Networked [More]
A model pack that replaces multiple types of armour and weapons with Ratholos equipment and a few world items with the theme of Monster Hunter. Updates to a few models in this pack and More monster hunter themed equipment to come soon.

Armour replacements for Warrior, Rogue and Ranger.

Human-head04 Is intended for the warrrior/rogue.
Human-head05 is intended for the ranger.
22 July 2013 - v1.0.3
○ Enhanced the appearance of a few items because I didn't really like their previous look. (Will do everything Eventually.)
○ ​Added a gunner/ranger version of the Rathalos armour.
○ Added two new weapons, Siegmund and Grind Claymore (Both Greatswords)
○ Changed the appearance of the pig to look more like poogie.
○ Changed the appearance of arrows
○ Changed Mushrooms into Discarded Bones.
○ Changed Onionlings into "Meatlings." They drop raw meat. Used for Mushroom Spit which has been Renamed to Well- Done Steak.
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i am super new to this kind of stuff and i was wondering if all you have to do is insert the files and your done? because i did that and i think some of the models might be broken because only some of the stuff changed. i went into the armor shop and i saw one of the modded armors (cotton stuff for rogue) then i scrolled down and saw the same armor but at a higher level with the default texture. same with the weapons.

i made an account just to ask you this question so yeah

EDIT: and how do you remove the mod? thanks in advance
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