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[KingdomHearts] Sora's Keyblade
Version: 0.1
by: LucidusBear [More]
A keyblade used by the character from Kingdom Hearts which is a game made by SquareEnix and Disney. I really like the game really much so I decide to make Sora's Key Blade in CubeWorld. I know there is a few designs and model out there already and I like them but I wanted to try this for myself and here are the results. What make this keyblade different from the others? It is not flat like the ones I saw. The one I made is actually more then one block wide making it look more like the real one. Although I tried making the crown on the tip of the keyblade but it ended up looking odd so I replaced with a normal key tip design. I hope fans of Kingdom Hearts will like to try this Mod out. If you did, Enjoy!

Note: This weapon model is made from iron-sword1.cub. I haven't tested if it will work on long swords, great swords or daggers but it does look great on a sword.
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