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Cube World Character Editor  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 0.4b
by: DatZach [More]
This tool is for modifying various attributes your Cube World characters, which are stored locally in "characters.db".
Keep in mind that this tool is in alpha, so I strongly recommend you backup your characters.db.

There's several uses for the tool, current supports editing a variety of character aspects:
  • Character Information (name, class, level, specialization, etc)
  • Appearance
  • Skills
  • Pets
  • Inventory
  • Coins

Future builds will add support for recipes, equipment, world information and support for people looking to mod new models into the game without overwriting currently existing models.

For those of you interested, the source code can be found at:

This is the only official mirror of the tool, updates might not be pushed here as often as they will on the official site or thread:

Cheers, Zach.
Version 0.4b
  • Fix several severe bugs
    • Database cannot load
    • Database cannot save
    • Value out of range (Coolmankimo's problem)
    • LastWorld is null, save error
Version 0.4
  • Character data serializer rewritten (should fix any corruption bugs).
  • Inventory editing
  • Stat editing
  • Coin editing
  • Fixed some pets
  • Should handle unexpected values better
  • Various UI fixes (including hair color being displayed correctly now)
  • Can edit names again (including pet names!)
Version 0.3
  • Several bug fixes and editor stability improvements.
    • Can no longer go out of range on any values.
    • Crash when no pet is selected fixed.
    • Corrupted database bug might be fixed (Additional information is now provided if such an error does occur).
  • Redesigned UI, feels significantly nicer to work with.
  • "Load Character Database" dialog now searches your system for an install of Cube World and loads the characters.db and automatically loads it if found.
  • Various typos corrected (credit goes to everyone who reported them or fixed them).
  • Added two missing pets (credit to Ehsan Kia).
  • Specialization can be changed now.
  • Editor can no longer be ran along side Cube World to help prevent database corruption.
Version 0.2
  • Pet editing.
  • Various fixes to UI.
  • Much more stable, should no longer crash or corrupt player data.
  • Name editing works.
Version 0.1
  • Initial release.
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So I downloaded this mod, because it looked awesome and I kinda needed it, but, I opened it up and it said Load Character but there was no characters to choose from, it was just blank, also, it said at the bottom "Load Database" and I didnt know that what was, help?
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